Business Law

We do more than keep your corporation or LLC documents current with the Secretary of State’s office.

There will be a name to choose for your business, filing with the Secretary of State’s office in the state where you decide to register your business, obtaining any necessary licenses or permits, filing a business certificate, obtaining a federal identification number, and registering your business as necessary to keep it in Good Standing.

We draft and review contracts for all phases of your business, including employment and labor contracts. By our involvement advising you as part of your business decisions, we apply what we know of you and of the current law to help keep you on your intended path to the business goals you set. The strength you will find in us as your business attorney is drafting your contracts, keeping you and your business out of disputes and to minimize costs when there are disputes.

Attorney Yankow practiced business law in Connecticut and New York before moving to Nantucket in 1986 and has experience representing clients starting, buying, selling and financing businesses. Many would like a one page agreement in plain language and when we can, we provide it with “legal language” attached. Nonetheless, doing the investigative work and knowing the positions the parties are in gives the advantage to draftsman to compose a contract that will be agreed upon with little or no changes.

We help you chose the entity or entities for holding title to real estate or business equipment that you either sell or lease to as the start of new business. Choices include sole proprietor, partnership, LLC, LLP, S corporation or C corporation. We are able to counsel you and help you decided on the legal form in which to operate your business.

As your business grows, the business entities may need to change form to accommodate more owners, a different capital structure, or a need to shield your growing wealth from business liability.

We provide you counsel in areas such as transferring rights, choosing successors, governing boards and structuring operating agreements and defining the scope and rights of principals and participants. We advise and counsel for major transactions, representing your interests in transactions with third parties such as vendors, lenders, landlords, and customers. We provide you advise and counsel in the purchase of other businesses or sales of parts or all of your business.

We explore with your accountant/tax advisor the different tax consequences of the form of organization and the structure of a transaction in order to maximize your after-tax net profit.

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