Wills and Trusts

Handwritten wills are not valid in many states, including Massachusetts. Signing a will has to be done carefully with the correct number of disinterested adults signing as witnesses (two in Massachusetts, three in Florida), all done before a Notary Public.

Sometimes people feel that they do not need a will because they do not have enough assets or they think all their assets are held jointly with their spouse.

Sometimes people believe that without a will one’s assets will pass to their spouse and not others. For example, currently in Massachusetts a surviving spouse will get the first $200,000.00 of assets and split the remaining assets with relatives.

This may not be what you want to happen, and thus you need a will.Using an attorney to prepare your will allows you to leave your assets to the ones you want and not the ones who the government will impose if you do not have a will.

We can discuss with you how to make the decisions of who to designate as the person or company to oversee the collection and distribution of your assets in accordance with your will, wind up and close your estate; the person to care for minor children; and the person or company to hold the minor children’s assets and upon what terms you would want in the Trust instrument itself.

Special needs children, spouses with medical problems, children in unstable financial or marital situations are examples of why buying your Will on-line is not a good idea.

In our routine for the preparation of wills and trusts, we also provide you counsel and advice and prepare your Health Care Proxy, Living Will and Powers of Attorney.

Last Will and Testament
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